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ADOS-2 Toddler Module Clinical Training

This is an introductory workshop specific to the Toddler Module with instructional methods that include lectures, videos, practice with scoring, and discussions. This workshop is designed for researchers and clinicians with prior background in autism spectrum disorder and formal testing, such as speech-language pathologists, physicians, psychologists, special education ASD specialists, and occupational therapists. This workshop serves as a prerequisite for more thorough training required to obtain research reliability needed to use the ADOS-T for research purposes. All trainees are expected to have prior training in modules 1-4 of the ADOS / ADOS-2.

Event Id: 187899, , 01/15/2014 - 01/15/2014, Center for Neurobehavioral Development, Room 330 - 717 Delaware Street SE, Minneapolis, M

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