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Exploring Self Employment: Start-Ups

Program Overview

Have you ever dreamed of starting your own business? Learn sustainable ways to connect your passions and interests to the needs of others by exploring the six-step process that entrepreneurs follow.

The first step, idea generation, is a process through which entrepreneurs brainstorm possible ventures. The next step is screening ideas down to those that are practical. Once a decision is made to pursue an idea, planning begins, including creating the marketing, financial, and operational blueprints for the start-up. Launching the venture involves taking the developmental steps to begin serving customers. Once launched, it's time to consider strategies for successfully growing the venture. Finally, there is harvesting — creating the ways in which people will be rewarded for the value of the venture.

You will engage each step through examples, exercises, and group work, and you will complete a mini business plan that will become the foundation for your personal start-up.

Fee includes a box supper.

Event Id: 183424, , 11/17/2009 - 11/17/2009, Continuing Education & Conference Center, See monitor for room assignment; - 1890 Buford Ave, St Paul, M

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